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Never wish upon falling stars:)


Give me your name ,then show me your face

Your glance, your gestures,

Then come and speak with me and make me fall in love

Make me wish your nearness make me wish your touch,

Make me nervous, make me high

Make me dream about you each second it passes by

Make me feel miserable  and then

Make mine your life.


it’s alright it’s alright it’s alright


Red Balloon

toate diminetile se prabusesc in noapte…

toti norii se consuma fara regrete… sau poate…

tunetul e regretul  lor?


I’m over with that letter…what’s next ?!





Happily nothing more … it’s only that I am again at the point where I can’t hope for anything … at the point where my desires don’t have faces nor bodies, they don’t talk they don’t walk … they remain pending on my soul like old clothing strips and…oh,  how I hate this

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